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Welcome to this small site for the Rebel related docs. Now that you somehow got lost here, stop for a minute and read a file of Rebel tactics!
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Rebel without clue playing fighter races... without fighters! (by Andrew Burns)
Memoirs of Rebel High Commander (by Xarius)
The Rebel Falcon: A galactic broom (by Richard McAteer)
The Rebellion Star Fleet (by Sharkman)
The Rebel's Handbook "...basic thoughts, which for the Rebel are essential." - March 1999
Rebel Tactic against Pirate ANYONE???? recorded discussion (recorded by ?)
Killing an SSD recorded discussion (recorded by ?)
Rush battle sims results of longtime sims
More stuff
Crystalline ship designs -- New ship designs
Rebel replacement bmps -- Winplan bmps
Rebel sound pack -- Wav and midi
Minefield statistics -- On economic mine laying
Player utilities
Planets Clock v2.2 -- Keep track of your games and send trn files (SSL support)
Trnsend+ v1.0 -- Store mail and file locations to easily send turns (SSL support)
Teleport Viewer v1.6 -- Display transport lines when using "Teleport" addon
FLAK Browser v1.3 -- Helps you keep trak of battles when playing with FLAK
Stardock Assist v1.7 -- Determine resource demand of bases to build particular ships

GDAS v1.0-- Glory Device Alliance Support: allies get reduced damage
Crystalline Entitiy Reborn v1.4a -- Remake of the famous CE addon
Allies v1.1 -- Addon to control alliance mechanics in the game
AddonAI -- This program lets cplayers use addon functions
Captain's Delight -- Adds new features to the game

Host utilities
Galaxy Recharger -- Recharge the cluster with minerals and/or natives
pconvert -- Convert pconfig.src into hconfig.hst (phost4)
Planet Editor -- Easily edit pdata.hst
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